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I felt like people were holding me to a pretty high standard. Everybody’s hooting and hollering because I didn’t sell 20,000,000 records this time, which I did with my first album. And you know, it’s not easy to replicate that. I don’t have a formula. […] I have to make sure everything is okay. Because it wasn’t. You know, it’s one thing to put a train on the tracks. But it’s another thing to keep the train on the tracks. You can’t just let a train out on the tracks and run it out. I crashed.

Lady Gaga speaking to Anthony Mason of CBS Sunday Morning With Charles Osgood, which will air on September 21st at 9am ET (via ladyxgaga)



The Best Female Collaborations 

Every once in a while two or more divas will come together to make one of most thrilling and empowering songs ever.

Can somebody please explain to me why Bang Bang is on this???